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ZONE3 Metrology Software

ZONE3 Metrology Software represents a totally new way of working with multisensor measurement systems. Its built-in 3D animations clearly display relationships between parts, sensors, datum alignments, and machine tooling. ZONE3 uses CAD models and other innovative features to automatically and effortlessly generate measurement routines. Truly 3D CAD enabled, ZONE3 is easy to use and can be learned with a minimum of training. Download the brochure

ZONE3 Tech Tip: AutoPath Capability

ZONE3 AutoPath uses CAD nominals to automatically create an optimal path for each measurement. AutoPath is fully multisensor capable. Use AutoPath with any sensor.

ZONE3 Metrology Software Overview Video

Using Clearance Zones in ZONE3

Programming a measurement routine with a tactile probe sensor requires special care to avoid collisions. ZONE3 makes it easy to set up clearance zones, eliminating the fear and risk of part/sensor collision. Watch this video of clearance zones set up on the SmartScope Flash 500. Watch the video

ZONE3 Tech Tip: Applying multiple steps to similar groups - A GD&T Example

• First, measure a feature

• Apply GD&T Tolerances

• Place the measured feature and the GD&T step

  into a single group step

• Right click on the group step and apply to all

  similar features on the parts

• ZONE3 evaluates the model for similar feature sets,

  and automatically programs similar measurements

  and the geometric tolerancing of all similar features

Watch the video


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